Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer Fun

I want to post a few pics from last summer before this summer comes!!!

We had a fun and busy July and August. Tanner and Jeffrey's birthdays, the Ordyna Family Reunion, went to the cabin, Hood to Coast, and lots and lots of canning.

Jeffrey's 3! This kid has more faces for the camera than all the other kids combined. He is so fun and endearing....the perfect fourth child!

Tanner turned 9!

The only thing Tanner really wanted to do ALL summer long was go to the duck pond. It's across a busier street so I only let him go when an adult or older kid was there. So for his birthday that's what he wanted to do....go to the duck pond! He had been trying for weeks to catch this turtle that they saw swimming in the pond. This day they conquered and caught the turtle. He was SOOOO excited. Happy Birthday!