Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer Fun

I want to post a few pics from last summer before this summer comes!!!

We had a fun and busy July and August. Tanner and Jeffrey's birthdays, the Ordyna Family Reunion, went to the cabin, Hood to Coast, and lots and lots of canning.

Jeffrey's 3! This kid has more faces for the camera than all the other kids combined. He is so fun and endearing....the perfect fourth child!

Tanner turned 9!

The only thing Tanner really wanted to do ALL summer long was go to the duck pond. It's across a busier street so I only let him go when an adult or older kid was there. So for his birthday that's what he wanted to do....go to the duck pond! He had been trying for weeks to catch this turtle that they saw swimming in the pond. This day they conquered and caught the turtle. He was SOOOO excited. Happy Birthday!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Jeffrey and Emma were having a hard time taking a nap. They were too tired and began fighting and hurting each other. Since Nana's here, I asked her to go in and read books to them. Ten minutes later I went in and she was sitting in her chair, the books on the table next her, and she was just watching them....THEY WERE ASLEEP! It worked. Nana had something to do and the kids settled down and fell asleep. Thanks Nana!


I think this picture is funny, however when I told Adam that I emailed this picture to my family because I thought they would all get a kick out of it, especially my dad (because he and Adam love to spar with each other and my Nana in this picture is my dad's Mom), he kinda got upset with me. He didn't think it was so funny. I think it's funny because Adam loves his personal space and really doesn't like to share things like food and his bed. I'm not sure if it's a germ thing, but I still think it's funny to tease him.

The story goes like this....Nana's staying with us because Debora had her baby and my parents went to help her out. Nana does NOT like to be alone and has dementia, so she should be with someone to help her out. On Thursday, Adam came home early from work not feeling well with a headache. He told me he was going to take a nap. A few minutes later, he came to me and said Nana was hanging out in our room and just sitting there staring at him while he was trying to fall asleep. He asked me to come and get her so he could rest. I told him I'd be there in just a minute. Of course, I got distracted and forgot. About a half hour later I went into my room for something and this is what I found. I couldn't stop laughing and had to take a picture. Nana loves going back to bed and really likes our bed...this isn't the first time I've found her in my bed. The best part is when Adam woke up he came downstairs, he said that when he stirred it woke her and she had a sudden look of surprise on her face. Remember, she has dementia--the early stages of Alzheimer's--I wonder what her first thought was, "Why am I in bed with this strange, young man!?!" And of course Adam's thought was, "What? You're in MY BED!!!" I don't see how he doesn't think this is hilarious!

Monday, March 30, 2009

We Have Moved

We are in our new house and getting more and more settled by the day. We can eat, find most of our personal items; except for a few things, and all have our beds put back together now.

My husband cracks me up. I have not done one shread of decorating, just trying to get it so our home is functional. Since the house in new, we do not have any blinds. So I pinned up a few fleece blankets we have in the kids bedrooms. During the day to make it light and bright again, I tie the blankets up with extra ribbon and jute I had in my sewing kit. Adam asked me the other day if I went out and bought things to put in the windows. Seriously? It doesn't look that bad, but they are blankets we've had forever. He's the last to notice a new picture or something I've bought for our other house, so it shouldn't surprise me that he didn't notice these were blankets! I love this man!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's almost Christmas!

Christmas is almost here....and I thought I should get our Halloween pictures posted! :) The kids had so much fun and way too much candy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Connor's a Smart and Funny Kid!

Last night, we took the kids to cut and load some wood in the truck, which is not our 'family car' of choice. Three kids sit in the back row and one has to sit in the middle front seat, that happened to be Connor for this trip. He was talking his usual background noise chatter and I heard him half talk and half sing something about how we were heading north. I thought about our direction for a minute and figured out that he was right. So I took this opportunity to be an encouraging mother and said, "Wow, Connor! That's right we are heading north. How did you know that?" He just shrugged his shoulders and giggled at me....and now that I think of it Adam had a smirk on his face, too. Then he started with his talking-song again, but this time we were heading northwest in his song. In my head I'm thinking, "What? How would he know that?" Suddenly it dawned on me that our direction shows up in the corner of the truck's rear view mirror right above his head. I started laughing and tickled him saying, "You little stinker, you can see it right there!" He just laughed and laughed because he had pulled one over on me. We all couldn't stop laughing....Jeffrey included, even though he had no idea what happened. I love and cherish these moments of pure joy!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Special FHE

Our Family Nights usually end up with me feeling exasperated and like a failure....maybe I have a hard time finding the positive in my efforts! But Monday's FHE was a success!! Adam took they boys, Tanner and Connor, over to help a friend pack up their moving van. When they got home we were a little short on time...almost time for bed. I almost bagged it, but decided to ask Tanner to give a lesson on service. He accepted. He went into his room, sat down at his desk, turned on his lamp and got a pencil and some index cards out....oh he's so cute!! It warmed my heart. I then walked away to finish making dinner.

When it came time for his part, he walked up to the piano bench to sit down and asked Connor to come up and be his helper....he really didn't do anything, but was so happy that Tanner asked him to help. Tanner got his index cards ready (I saved them) and this is what they said:

Survise (Service)

  • Survis is to do something for another person

  • today me, Dad and Connor helped some people move. Is this survis? (we answered: yes)

  • mom making dinner. Is this survis? (we answered: yes!!)

  • seeing somebody get hert and you don't do anything. Is this survis? (we answered: no)

So what is survise? (we answered: to do something for another person)

This week I want you to do some survise for another person.

What a complete lesson! Even with Emma and Jeffrey's distractions (running around, not sitting still) I felt the spirit so strong. During his lesson, Adam and I exchanged serveral looks of WOW! His delivery was just so Tanner. We loved every minute of it! After, Adam and I both chuckled that his lesson was better than any of ours! We just found another person to teach FHE lessons!