Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer Fun

I want to post a few pics from last summer before this summer comes!!!

We had a fun and busy July and August. Tanner and Jeffrey's birthdays, the Ordyna Family Reunion, went to the cabin, Hood to Coast, and lots and lots of canning.

Jeffrey's 3! This kid has more faces for the camera than all the other kids combined. He is so fun and endearing....the perfect fourth child!

Tanner turned 9!

The only thing Tanner really wanted to do ALL summer long was go to the duck pond. It's across a busier street so I only let him go when an adult or older kid was there. So for his birthday that's what he wanted to do....go to the duck pond! He had been trying for weeks to catch this turtle that they saw swimming in the pond. This day they conquered and caught the turtle. He was SOOOO excited. Happy Birthday!


Steven and Kristin said...

I was so happy to see more pictures! Looks like the boys had such fun birthdays! We loved getting to see you! I'm glad nobody got our sickness... at least that's what Mom and Dad said.

Stephanie said...

Yeah a new post! You need to do it more often. I don't think I get enough of your family!!

jaordyna said...

Welcome back to blogging! (I'm thinking the post date is wrong since this wasn't here last time I checked.) What a fun family you have. Jeffrey looks like he loved his b-day. It's just now that I'm realizing he and Jarom are really close in age. Tanner is such a BOY! I love that he's out there trying to catch a turtle- so fun!! Nature's simple pleasures:)

Mom of the Pack said...

I love the pics. reminds me of all the fun kids have in the summer (us adults too)!

Cyndi said...

Jeffrey is so big. He fits right in with the other three. Tanner is 9? Holy moly. I love the pictures and post.

jaordyna said...

Hey Lindsey! How bout summer fun 2010?

We want a post! We want a post!!