Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Special FHE

Our Family Nights usually end up with me feeling exasperated and like a failure....maybe I have a hard time finding the positive in my efforts! But Monday's FHE was a success!! Adam took they boys, Tanner and Connor, over to help a friend pack up their moving van. When they got home we were a little short on time...almost time for bed. I almost bagged it, but decided to ask Tanner to give a lesson on service. He accepted. He went into his room, sat down at his desk, turned on his lamp and got a pencil and some index cards out....oh he's so cute!! It warmed my heart. I then walked away to finish making dinner.

When it came time for his part, he walked up to the piano bench to sit down and asked Connor to come up and be his helper....he really didn't do anything, but was so happy that Tanner asked him to help. Tanner got his index cards ready (I saved them) and this is what they said:

Survise (Service)

  • Survis is to do something for another person

  • today me, Dad and Connor helped some people move. Is this survis? (we answered: yes)

  • mom making dinner. Is this survis? (we answered: yes!!)

  • seeing somebody get hert and you don't do anything. Is this survis? (we answered: no)

So what is survise? (we answered: to do something for another person)

This week I want you to do some survise for another person.

What a complete lesson! Even with Emma and Jeffrey's distractions (running around, not sitting still) I felt the spirit so strong. During his lesson, Adam and I exchanged serveral looks of WOW! His delivery was just so Tanner. We loved every minute of it! After, Adam and I both chuckled that his lesson was better than any of ours! We just found another person to teach FHE lessons!


Steven~Kristin said...

I love it! What a wonderful lesson! I am very impressed! Oh, and I love that you have a blog now! Thanks for keeping us updated on your sweet family!

Stephanie said...

You told me about this today but it still made me smile again when I read it. Tanner is such a cutie. I miss you guys.

Bob and Julie said...

WOW!! That is a great lesson. I can just picture Tanner. He is such a cutie. I think it's great that you're having the kids teach!!! It is way more fun!! FHE is also a great way to have them use those many, many, many handouts from church....just re-tell what they learned. Way to go on sticking with's definitely worth it!

Jamie said...

Tanner is such a smart kid! You'll have to tell him that we thought he did an awesome job on his lesson! Wish we lived closer to you guys...we could use a little bit of Tanner rubbing off on our boys...hmmmm. :)

Cyndi said...

That is so cute. I love his survise lesson. He is so clever to think of you making dinner.

What a payday for you guys.

Ordyna Arena said...

We LOVE your blog! Thanks for doing it. It makes separation a little more bearable for us.

Tanner is so cute. Please tell him we enjoyed his FHE lesson.

G - G Ordyna said...

We LOVE your blog! Thanks for doing it. It makes separation a little more bearable for us.

Tanner is so cute. Please tell him we enjoyed his FHE lesson.

jaordyna said...

That is adorable and what a tribute to you and Adam as parents-way to go!

Mocanoe said...

Seriously, what a sweet boy! Lindsey it makes me so happy to see your kids get it. He is such a sweet spirit... and to think he's only 8 years old. I don't know why this suprises me to see a child understand what service is, but it does... maybe because I don't have my own. What a sweet story!

Kim and Conrad said...

(This begins with a Conrad comment...) "That was a great lesson, Tanner! Now convince your dad to perform some service in Astoria by cutting up some wood for us....this time with a sharpened saw." Then Conrad said, "Just kidding about the saw!" Kim had nothing to do with this, except to say, "Great job on the FHE lesson, Tanner!"

Holly said...

What a special little boy! I love his lesson and his spelling! It is just too precious!