Monday, March 30, 2009

We Have Moved

We are in our new house and getting more and more settled by the day. We can eat, find most of our personal items; except for a few things, and all have our beds put back together now.

My husband cracks me up. I have not done one shread of decorating, just trying to get it so our home is functional. Since the house in new, we do not have any blinds. So I pinned up a few fleece blankets we have in the kids bedrooms. During the day to make it light and bright again, I tie the blankets up with extra ribbon and jute I had in my sewing kit. Adam asked me the other day if I went out and bought things to put in the windows. Seriously? It doesn't look that bad, but they are blankets we've had forever. He's the last to notice a new picture or something I've bought for our other house, so it shouldn't surprise me that he didn't notice these were blankets! I love this man!


Rick, Angie, and Bryson said...

You will have to send us your new address and post some pictures of your new home!!! :)

Bridget said...

Yes, I ditto a picture of your house! And, your address would be helpful too. xoxo!!!!

Mom of the Pack said...

We must have married Brothers or something!! I love your post it cracks me up. I would love to see some pics of the house, before we crash the party in July

Love you guys

Steven and Kristin said...

Congrats again on the move! I'm glad you're getting settled! That can be so hard. That's so funny about your "curtains!"